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With LinkedIn Advertise you can reach the right clients based on their Profession, Position and Senior level and much more.

Select your target group

Define your target audience based on demographics, job titles, education, competencies and companies and more.

Make you visible among businesses

Make your business visible among new customers and clarify your message at the right time.

Get results

Keep an eye on the benefits of advertising on LinkedIn.


This is how we start

We make a market analysis so that the right strategy is reconciled

Your LinkedIn campaigns is setup

Advertise is setup and ready for your approval

bestAds analyze tha data

We evaluate the results along the way so that we achieve the best results when the campaign ends

The professional way to more customers

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, targeted to business. There are over 2.2 million. users in Denmark who use LinkedIn to connect with target groups within the B2B segment, companies, professionalism and more. Our team expects the right business strategy to match your goals and relevant audiences. We help your company identify which target groups are relevant so that the right ads can pave the way to more customers.

We are LinkedIn experts

We are experts with interdisciplinary understanding for a wide range of businesses, from small to large companies alike. We are motivated every day by seeing the results our customers achieve. We therefore attach great importance to customer satisfaction and YOUR success is our success.

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We set the new standard and because it was smart yesterday, it is not necessarily smart today. We are always in development and are always on the cutting edge.

That's why you need to advertise on LinkedIn

Imagine a LinkedIn user scrolling between ads displayed on the user’s “wall”, and it’s your ads that are the most eye-catching. Then imagine the user choose to click on your ads to approach and follow your business. This will enable you with a LinkedIn announcement so that you can reach more customers and get boosted both by the number of followers and inquiries.

Why your business should choose bestAds

Several companies are moving away from newspaper ads and telephone directories and towards marketing on the Internet, where they have experienced lack of results for expensive solutions. That’s why we do it differently at bestAds, we present the results on an ongoing basis and we work from our 3 values: transparency, customer focus and ongoing reporting. We help your business open the doors to new potential customers and focus on delivering the right message at the right time in the digital world. “We only achieve success when your business achieves the right results”

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