Google Ads Advertising

Google Ads makes it possible to get targeted advertising with impressions at the top of Google search result. Get the right setup with bestAds which are certified Google Partner.

Ranking in top on Google

Highlight your ads at the top of Google search results to make your services much more visible to new and existing customers.

Build targeted Advertisers

Select the specific search criteria that your business should be made visible on.

Pay only for potential customers

You only pay when a new potential customer clicks on your ads.


Lets start the right way

Your goal and your business strategy will be reconciled before we begin setting up ads.

The right configuration

The right setup is done and is ready for approval before your ads become visible.

bestAds analyze the data

We continuously optimize your ads and we report monthly.

The quick way to more customers

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Google is the world’s largest search engine, with billions of searches daily, and therefore new customers often use Google to cover their demand quickly and easily. Google has developed a tool called Google Ads that handles Google advertising setups. With Google Ads, we help your business advertise to the top of Google search results. In common, relevant keywords and audiences are defined. Our team presents the strategic aspects so that you understand users’ behavior and searches on Google.

We are certified by Google

We are experts with interdisciplinary understanding for a wide range of businesses, from small to large companies alike.

Our motivation is built by seeing the results our customers achieve on a daily basis. We therefore attach great importance to customer satisfaction and YOUR success is our success.

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We set the new standard and because it was smart yesterday, then it's not necessarily smart today. We are always in development and are always at the forefront.

Advertise on Google

That’s why you need to advertise on Google

Imagine that new customers are looking for a company that offers the same as you, BUT it is YOUR ad will be the first to see on Google. Then imagine that every time a potential customer sees your ad at the top of Google they click on your website. Will it give you more customers? Yes, just with advertising on Google, you get more traffic on your website.

Why choose bestAds

Several companies are moving away from newspaper ads and telephone directories and towards marketing on the Internet, where they have experienced lack of results for expensive solutions. That’s why we do it differently at bestAds, we present the results on an ongoing basis and we work from our 3 values: transparency, customer focus and ongoing reporting. We help your business open the doors to new potential customers and focus on delivering the right message at the right time in the digital world. “We only achieve success when your business achieves the right results”.

Your shortcut to more customers

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